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 The Ramblers Tales Show is a Stand-up Comedy and Variety show aimed at providing the audience with an insight into International Comedy, Caribbean Storytelling, Extempo-Calypso and other aspects of the creative arts. The core of the show is the merger of Extempo-Calypso and Stand-up Comedy. The ability to use one art-form to transition into another while interacting with the audience, has proven to be a hit.

This is the ultimate creation; a new experience that is proving to be loaded with laugh-appeal.

Show   Directions

The shows are designed around a wholesome theatrical type experience. You come prepared, you're comfortably seated and you're prepared to be supprised and and ready to "LOL". We work hard at giving you a fresh way to look a the medicine of laughter. Small pill, big effect, its all about humor.



Ramblers Tales

The Ramblers Tales 2011 Atlanta Show

The Ramblers Tales will be in Metro Atlanta on Saturday, October 15th at the Porter Sanford. Long noted as a boisterous showcase for Caribbean performers, this is the third year in a row that The Ramblers Tales will be at Porter Sanford.

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