Atlanta Carnival Preview 2012

We are now in the heat of the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2012. This year brings a strong lineup of performers from the US and the Caribbean.

The Atlanta Carnival has become one of the bigger Caribbean Carnivals in the US. There have been a steady effort to raise the profile of this event and the level or artists coming to Atlanta reflects this progress.

The Carnival now is now receiving full support and coverage from the local Black American Radio Stations. This represents a positive change for the event, it will be good to see how many non Caribbeans attend some of the events.

Expect to see many faces from other US states in the city as its all Barbecue and Carnival all the way into Tuesday. There will be live shows and events all the way into Sunday night to satisfy everyone.

This years event should also attract the crowd who in previous years went to the Decatur Carnival which was held on the same day in a neighboring city, a short drive away from Atlanta. So for this year Atlanta has one single Carnival.





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